The Bucket List

My bucket list for 2017 and beyond. Subject to updating and whatnot (with any luck!)

1. Catch a 4lb perch from my local lake.

2. Catch a 3lb perch from the club river stretch.

3. Catch any sized tench from anywhere (I’ve never caught a tench in 30+ years of fishing).
** DONE! 8th July 2017 ** {back story}

4. Catch a 10lb plus carp.
** DONE! 29th July 2017 ** {back story}

5. Catch a double figure pike from my local lake.

6. Catch a 1lb plus roach from my local lake.

7. Fish a gravel pit of any description.

8. Catch a pike from the local canal.

9. Try fly fishing.

10. Get a record perch from anywhere (pushing it, I know…).