Review: Shimano Tribal Compact Carryall

As promised, here are my thoughts on the Shimano Tribal Compact Carryall I purchased from Angling Direct last week for £33.74.

This isn’t a sponsored review, by the way – I just think it’s helpful if detailed reviews are presented in isolation sometimes, rather than being lost in a torrent of ‘Amazon didn’t deliver on time – 1 Star’ or, ‘Absolutely rubbish. Broke the first time I dropped it from the 17th floor – 1 Star’.

On to the review.

shimano xtr compact carryall

In short, it’s a fantastic piece of kit for the money and well worth it if you’re planning to spend a decent amount of time by the water, and have plenty to carry. It was delivered promptly the next day by Angling Direct (despite me selecting free standard delivery – thanks!) and arrived in a branded box, so it’s nice if you want to give one as a gift too!

My only real criticism of the product is to do with its size. ‘Compact’ it certainly isn’t, being more like a large gym bag in size rather than something you’d put a few small tackle boxes, a few reels, some accessories and some bait. This is a hefty bag. Yes, I know, the size is stated clearly but I don’t think that you can really appreciate size until you pick a product up. Such are the perils of buying by mail order.

Regardless, I won’t be sending it back. It’s a really well made product and its inherent rigidity (something I was a little dubious about) is very good. I scratched around in the shed looking for things I didn’t need to fill it up with, just because I didn’t want it to bend, but in the end, and only half filling it, it retained its shape extremely well. I also used it to rest my go to tackle box on top of and it remained perfectly flat.

It’s very comfortable to carry, having the option of handles or a very cosy shoulder strap with a pad. Compared to the seat box I’d been using it was a joy to walk back to the car with at the end of last night’s session.

Everything about the Shimano Tribal Compact Carryall feels well made, from the stitching to the smooth action of the zips. You know when you’ve bought a good product and it just feels right. This carryall is definitely that, and if the rod holdalls are of the same quality I’ll definitely be getting one.

Wet nets!