Porthgain Harbour Wall LRF

Managed an hour with my daughter at Porthgain Harbour this afternoon, arriving at 12.30, 20 mins before peak tide.

Fishing was into about 8ft of water straight down the side with a little more swell than at Porthclais and a little less visibility. The bottom close in was somewhat snaggy. I’d recommend at least 10lb line and a rotten bottom link.

Prawn worked well again, with my daughter picking up a nice little wrasse on the famous £1.50 rod after somewhat of a tug of war with the weed. I also lost a few to the weed with the bites coming quickly and the fish making cover faster than I could react.

I did pick up a shore rockling for myself though which is a first for me. 

Wet nets.


Cheap Thrills in Saundersfoot

This morning we all woke early and bundled ourselves into the car at 8:00am to beat the bank holiday traffic. Destination, Saundersfoot. It was a good job that we left early, by 9:30am the car park was completely chock-a-block.

I didn’t pack a rod because I had absolutely no intention of fishing, but when we got there the harbour wall looked too inviting to pass by. The wife was very understanding and offered to take the kids around the shops for an hour, but that still left me bait free and rodless.

What to do? I certainly wasn’t going to buy a £30 rod from the bucket and spade shop. I considered hand-lining as I had a reel and some terminal tackle in the boot…

Then this little beauty winked at me.

A whole £1.50 in the cheap shop. Sorted.

It’s basically aluminium and plastic, and would probably snap under the strain of anything bigger than a joey… but what the hell! Over the side it went.

It was clunky, kept collapsing on itself and the sections kept twisting, but caught me four more fish than anyone around me… and the total number of fish was four.

All blennies from under the harbour wall but cracking fun on a little piece of raw prawn. Pretty sure I had a small flattie on too but I didn’t see it. There were literally thousands of bait fish swarming up the wall edge too, and a few mullet who in standard fashion turned their nose up at everything.

Another fun afternoon whilst the Mrs was shopping, all for the princely sum of £1.50! Hoping I can get up to Porthgain before we go home.

Wet nets.

Holiday LRF at Porthclais

We’re down at Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire this week for our annual pilgrimage to West Wales.

I’ve been quite inspired by many of the mini-species LRF videos I’ve seen on Youtube, and I really fancied giving it a shot. There were a few marks that I fancied trying, Porthgain and Saundersfoot being two of them. However, having seen aerial shots of Porthclais and the harbour wall, it looked too good an opportunity to pass up.

I arrived at the harbour car park around 10:00am, just as the incoming tide was peaking. The car park was rammed with kayakers and I was very lucky to get the last space available. It only cost £2 for the day, though and the attendant was an old sea dog who immediately put me on the right track to the harbour wall, a short five minute hike over the headland.

It was surprisingly quiet, angler wise. A father and son were float fishing for mackerel and a few guys jigging who left shortly after I arrived. I perched myself in the middle of the wall with my Yokozuna dropshot rod (snapped and forced back together after a prior mishap) and rigged up a light running ledger on 8lb mono with a size 8 wide gape hook. For bait I had raw prawn and mackerel, but only ended up using the prawn. The local tackle shop wanted £6.95 for a small parcel of frozen lug. No thanks. I picked the prawn up at Morrisons in Haverfordwest on the way in.

The prawn worked like a charm. A two hour session saw a succession of small pollack, blennies, gobies and a long spined sea scorpion. Fishing slightly to my left and right proved to be problematic really close in due to snags, but a few sandy patches four or five yards out were ideal spots. With minimal swell the small leads stayed put and bite indication was good. In fact, it was so calm I’m sure a quivertip would have worked.

The Blennies are voracious feeders and I could see them congregate around the bait as soon as it hit the bottom. Some quite big ones too! The pollack were a little more shy and the few I caught were on the drop. A float would be ideal for them.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning. Hopefully I can get another session in before we go home.

Wet nets.