I’ll take whatever I can get, whenever I can get it…


Just a quick entry tonight to log a short stint on the canal.

My daughter had a ballet class at 5:30pm so, as we were walking past the shed to the car I grabbed my drop-shotting rod and reel and my pre-prepared lure holdall. I wanted to hit a shoal of perch I’d seen lurking under a road bridge a few times whilst passing over the previous weeks.

Sadly the perch were absent in numbers tonight, but I did pick up one in the 20 minutes or so I had to fish, plus a bonus jack pike that I really wasn’t expecting.



Both were taken on a 2.5″ silvery and olive natural shad twitched across the weed flanks close in, though I did have a few taps on the far bank. The bridge, which I specifically wanted to target, was dead.


Lots of ducks and gulls around tonight as the canal was covered in bread. Other than that it was surprisingly clean!

Take care all.

Wet nets.



First (landed) pike of the season

Nipped to the lake for a very short lure session this evening, arriving around 4:30 with an overcast sky and darkness looming.

I wasn’t at all prepared, having grabbed a small box of lures without checking for suitability and having no white or silvery plugs or softbaits. With the water being pretty murky and having a (human) visibility of no more than a few inches I was going to have to improvise.

I picked the right side of the lake for two reasons. Firstly I knew it held fish, both pike and perch and secondly because a small group of three other lure anglers were hurdling each other up the left hand side.

I popped on a rattling jointed orange Rapala to start and had nothing, so switched to a bright yellow and red Relax Kopyto 3″ shad which was equally unsuccessful. Then there was a small break in the cloud, so I put on a Fox Firetiger 2″ shad and began working it across the pegs close in. It wasn’t long before I had a take under my boots and on my favourite peg too…

… and so a beautifully conditioned 3.5lb (ish) pike came willingly to the net.

That was about the extent of my luck for this evening. By 5:30 it was getting too dark to fish so I headed home. I walked around the other side of the lake to ask the other guys if they’d had better success and sadly they hadn’t, though one picked up a tiny jack on a red and white shallow diver as we were chatting.

Wet nets.

Popped down for pike…

… and picked up a few perch.

1.2lb and 2.4lb today both on the feeder on lob. Pellet waggler died unfortunately but wanted a shorter margin rod anyway so, thanks fate, I guess!

Just a tiddler…
That’s much better…

Deadbait float rigged roach produced a few runs from jacks but nothing big enough to get itself hooked. Will be downsizing to size 8 trebles next trip as I’m sure some big perch were lunging for the deadbaits.

Just a quicky today as I’m at work (joy).

Wet nets.