Sweet cerebral flatulence

I needed to brain-fart badly.

We have the keys to our house and work is well underway in terms of turning it into a home. There’s a lot more to be done than we at first thought, but it’s doable and shouldn’t be too expensive. So, at 4.00pm today I left a very dusty wife wrestling with some artex that she probably shouldn’t have started picking at and headed to the lake. It’s been manic week thanks to the move and, being alone at work hasn’t helped.

Commence farting.

To be honest, sitting at the water’s edge was what I needed more than anything. Catching would be a bonus. I’d also managed to find some lob in the new garden so was anxious to christen them on a few fish.

I’d settled on a shady peg a few up from my usual so this was virgin territory. With a hawthorn overhead, no pads and reeds to the left and right, it looked really perchy. My lucky float had a few close calls tonight, once up the hawthorn and twice in the reeds. It’s only a matter of time…

I started by feeding some small halibut mix balls, chopped worm and maggot against the reeds around a rod length out and began picking up small F1s and commons. The action was steady with a few mediocre perch around 3/4lb but nothing noteworthy.

The margins were swarming with late spawning carp today alongside copious amounts of fry. No doubt the perch were far more interested in them than my worms.

Around 5.30 I picked up a nice 2.7lb perch on the float, though I did lose a pretty large one to the reeds (and almost lost my float). I also managed to bag quite a few commons, the best of which was the 7.5lb fish shown below.

It was pretty quiet at the lake this evening. A nice chap walking his dog happened by whilst I was playing the above fish and was adamant it was a tench, whereas I was wishfully thinking it may be a large perch. Five minutes later we were both shaking our heads and laughing as the carp eventually came to the surface to show it’s colours.

I would have happily settled for a 7lb perch (lol) or a 7oz tench. Both would be pbs!

Wet nets.


Father’s Day

Look what I got for father’s day!

The kids found a perch plushie in Tiger and naturally couldn’t resist.

Not sure what I’m going to do with it… parcel shelf?

Very cool nonetheless 🙂