Sunny, but uneventful

Had a few hours at the large lake today and took the pike rod for something a little different to do.

I settled on peg 12, somewhere I haven’t fished for around 4 years and in the past it was pretty productive. Sadly, it quickly became apparent that the main swim was pretty choked with branches and cuttings from the spring clearing. It’s all well and good making the banks pretty, but when the fishing suffers it all seems a bit counterproductive.

I soldiered on nonetheless, popping a float ledgered roach up along the right margin and feeding against the pads to my left. Over the following hours I had a few sharp taps on the pike rod (likely from eels or crashing carp) and little else. On the float rod, a steady stream or roach and F1s plus a carp of around 3lb.

A sunny but largely uneventful afternoon with nothing really worth taking photos of, except of course the obligatory huge perch. I wasn’t going to post this picture as I know they make Steve jealous…


Wet nets.


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