I must be mental…

That’s what I was thinking as I trudged up the muddy path around the lake to my favourite (and very boggy) peg. I’d agreed to meet a friend for an hour or two after work, but considering we’d cancelled several times before I kinda felt commited.

The rain was torrential and I had no coat, so by the time I got the brolly up I was soaked to the skin. Across came my grinning mate with a cup of coffee, and a carp and a cuppa later, I was feeling a little more cheery.

I’d settled on a small 2g Drennan Loafer as I was using pretty large lobworm and it was worked out nicely for me. Bites were fairly consistent, but not as regular which is what you’d expect using larger bait.

I picked up a quite a few small commons and F1s and what was probably my PB bream (at a whopping 1lb 2oz – they don’t grow very big in here) but only got 2 perch. One was around 1lb and the other just shy of 3lb. Pics of largest fish below.

Can’t write much more this morning as I think I’ve broken a bone in my elbow. Common sense says I should go to the docs.

Wet nets!


2 thoughts on “I must be mental…

  1. manwithrod August 9, 2017 / 10:03 am

    You certainly get some good perch! To me a 1lb’er is of a better than average stamp of fish and my PB is 2lb 8oz…!
    Mind you, my PB bream is 5lb 12oz caught a couple of weeks back – and superceded the previous PB of 5-04 caught … 39 years previously!! LOL
    Hope the elbow damage is not too serious! šŸ˜¦


    • perchpuddle August 9, 2017 / 1:25 pm

      Thanks Steve,

      Yeah my little secret spot has a good head of 1.5 to 3lb fish in it, not often you get them heavier til autumn and early winter though. At the moment they’re pretty skinny.

      I saw that bream. Nice one. We have a few big ones on the other lake here but I rarely fish there as the perch are of a smaller stamp.

      As for the elbow, couldn’t get into the docs this morning so I have an appt for next week. I think at worst I’ve torn a ligament or chipped my funny bone.

      Take care mate.


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