Helping Out

Last week, a colleague asked if I’d mind his son tagging along on a session to see if fishing is something he’d like to do. He was a little skeptical, as was his son, but this afternoon we decided to give it a go.

I arrived at the lake around 1.30 and the young lad met up with me shortly thereafter. I have to say he was a lovely kid, really polite and keen to learn which put me at ease straight away. I even got him catching a few roach from cast to net by the end and he was really chuffed. We even took a photo of him holding his first fish. A great afternoon all around.

Nothing particularly special was initially caught. A few small perch fell to maggot and dendrobena as well as the obligatory roach. F1’s have been thin on the ground over the past few weeks, and I was keen to show the lad a few bigger fish and how to play them. With the action being relatively slow, I groundbaited fairly heavily and got us settled in a cosy swim next to some lilies.

The perch started to get a little bigger, as did the roach and later a few small F1s moved in also, so a really mixed bag for the afternoon. It was extra especially nice as the young one got to see a few different species of fish and the roach were fairly sizeable. I had one pushing a pound come off as it was being landed.

Around 4.00pm I dropped into a large carp and the lad’s jaw dropped as it hit the surface. I explained it was only a relatively small one of around 6-7lb and this seemed to whet his appetite even more. I even got a shot of me holding a fish for once!

Shortly after, his dad came to pick him up. I pondered on staying and after picking up a 2lb plus perch close in I decided to do just that, wrapping up around 6.30pm having bagged a few more roach and a beautifuly golden coloured common of around 3lb (which I neglected to photograph).

Just what the doctored ordered.

Wet nets!


One thought on “Helping Out

  1. 123mattyd August 13, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Awesome. Another one hooked, hopefully. Good on you.


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