It’s just a float (repeat)

I’ve had a couple of sessions this week that I’d rather forget, and tonight I resolved to test my mojo as I was feeling a little low.

I got to the lake at 4.30, armed with red maggot and dendrobena determined to end my blank perch run. In the previous two sessions I’d been graced with a 1oz monster, a handful of roach and one small F1. I was seriously starting to doubt my ability.

Now, we all have bad runs of luck, but going fishing whilst pissed off is guaranteed to set you up for failure. So, tonight I forced myself to go fishing, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Hmm. At least it wasn’t raining.

Second cast, a decent carp grabbed the worm and slammed into the undergrowth of the margin. Bye bye lucky float. Snared in the reeds and just out of reach it winked at me for the rest of the session. I wasn’t going to let it get me down. It had a good run. On went a Drennan perch bob and back out went another worm.

Next, a promising sign. A half pounder came to the net showing me that larger perch were taking an interest.

Following this I bagged around 10 decent F1s and a few more commons of around the sort of stamp shown below, plus a few skimmers. No monster carp tonight.

Around 8.30 I was on my last two worms, so I decided to switch to the right hand swim for 30 mins and threw in a handful of maggots and my remaining groundbait. I was rewarded by a lightning strike from a 2lb plus perch and shortly after the above small common.

I’ve a funny feeling the bites were hit and miss tonight thanks to a few jacks that were crashing the swim every 30 mins or so.

Either way, and despite losing ‘lucky’, I feel much better.

Wet nets.


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