Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag (Soon)

I don’t buy new stuff very often, mainly because I’m tight.

Lately though, my trusty old plastic Shakespeare Team seatbox has been feeling a little clunky. I’ve had it for well over 20 years and it’s still in amazing condition. The hinges still work and it’ll still take my portly girth without creaking (much), but it’s noisy when it clips the ground or a gatepost and it rattles when I waddle.

I bought a carp chair back in 2015 and I haven’t used the seatbox as an actual seat for at least two years. Nowadays I use it as a table next to the chair. It’s ideal for bait and my go-to tackle box, makes a great butt rest and…

… I appear to be re-selling it to myself. Deep breath.

Basically, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with it, I just feel I’ve outgrown it. It’s just not practical any more for the style of fishing I’m doing and a bag would serve me better, especially considering I’m looking at doing more river sessions later in the year which will invariably involve more walking.. However, should one of the offspring want to join me, it’s always there.

Today I ordered a Shimano Tribal Compact Carryall. It looked pretty reasonable for the price and the size appears to be what I’m after.

shimano xtr compact carryall

Hopefully it’s as good and handy as it looks. It’s noted to be rigid which is what I’m after, as well as something that’ll help me organise my tackle a little better!

Once I’ve used it, I’ll put a review up.

My next purchase is going to be a new holdall as my 80s leatherette one is slowly giving up the ghost. Providing it’ll fit a tube or two made up rods, an umbrella and a couple of bank sticks, it’ll do. Any suggestions?

Wet nets.


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