It came from the…

… margin.

I squeezed three hours in tonight from 6 until 9 and boy, did I need it. After an horrendous week at work and all the pressures associated with moving house, a few hours by the water was just the ticket.

Upon arrival I found there was a match underway on the one side of the lake, with all the pegs in shade taken. I sizzled until the sun dipped behind the trees around 7.30. I may be a little sunburned.

Got a mixed bag fishing close in on the float. The perch were wary and non responsive tonight, so I switched to maggots shortly after 7 to get some action going. On the first cast, the float went walkies out into the deep and I pulled in this nice 2.5lb eel who snaffled double red maggot. I don’t mind the big ones, and it was a fun fight on a size 14. He was actually quite placid and hooked in the lip which makes a nice change.

You may be able to make out the roach fry in the net. I love seeing them close up. Perfect miniatures of their parents, and a good sign that all is well underwater.

As the evening wore on the bites were steady. A mix of small carp, roach and small perch. Nothing particularly special save for a 5 minute whilrwind where I had several very big carp move in and I lost two of them to the lilies.

I did pick up this beautiful mirror though and I thought it pic worthy.

Wet nets.


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