I’m sure there’s a 5lb fish in there somewhere…

… I just haven’t caught it yet.

Truth be told, I’m sure there is. I catch way too many 2 to 3lb fish in my little lake for there not to be a big fish lurking in there.

I’d like to apologise for the constant change in themes. I think I’m happy with this one (the one you’re seeing). Some of the ones I’ve tried have looked pretty crappy on mobiles.

Aaaaaaaanyway, back to the nub of my gist as it were… fibs aside, I’ve had some monsters. Nothing massive but club record beaters to be sure. It’s not about breaking records for me, though, it’s more about proving myself right. In short, I think I’ve become a bit obsessed.

Pike and my conscience are the biggest obstacles to success for me. The former are prevalent in the lake to huge sizes… 30lb plus. The latter, well that’s just me I suppose. I wouldn’t kill a fly and killing a small roach on the offchance of catching a big perch isn’t something that sits well with me. Don’t get me wrong, Ive tried it (and been battered by pike in the process) with little success. Maybe that’s the only way to do it?

I’ve read many stories about large river perch being caught on lob, but not so in commercials where small silverfish are abundant.

[Insert mournful sigh]

It’s a silly conflict if you think about it. I implale worms and maggots on hooks a few times a week and yes, before you say it it does upset me. Anyone know where I can get 6″ long roach shaped worms?

I’ve been trying to wangle some time at the lake over the next two weeks but I’m sure my wife and boss are in cahoots. Between running the contents of my attic up and down to the transfer station and doing a ton of overtime there’s not a lot of time left in the day. I suppose I’d better make some effort towards moving house… [grumbles] …don’t these people realise there are fish to be caught?


Wet nets.


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