Making up for lost time

I spent a few hours on my usual peg tonight to try and make up for yesterday’s truncated session. The fishing was slow and laborious, with only tentatively biting carp and a few mediocre perch initially making an appearance.

Fish fry
Fry in the margins

I opted to fish close in with both rods, using lobworm on each and was pretty busy on the float initially, but after a short while it slowed down. The quiver tip blessed me with just one carp, and a small one at that. As the evening progressed the margins began swarming with fry, and I could see regular attacks by small perch up to around 4-5oz breaking the surface.

I opted to move a few feet further out, hoping the larger perch would be hanging back in slightly deeper water. Around 6.30 I hit a sluggish and dragging bite on the float and struck into a dead weight. I literally pulled the fish to the bank as it offered little resistance. As the fish broke the surface I could immediately see it was a perch and a fair one at that.

Very odd though, especially for a large perch to give no fight whatsoever, especially as it was hooked so close in. 2.4lb soaking wet.

By 8.30 I’d had enough of the F1s and decided to head home. Sigh. Not the evening I had planned.

I’m moving house shortly so both internet access and fishing will be in short supply. We’ll catch up soon.

Wet nets.


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