With a cherry on top!

So yesterday afternoon I got called into work unexpectedly, and ended up doing an all-nighter. This not only put pay to my plans for an evening session yesterday, but also most of the scrappy bait I had left over, as by the time I got home this lunchtime most of my old maggots had turned into casters.

In a last ditch attempt to salvage something out of my misfortune, I made a sad face at the wife and she waved me off to the lake for the afternoon as she wanted some time with a book.


Packing the car I took stock of what I had… a few very slow moving maggots, lots of casters, a bit of red crumb and a few dodgy worms that looked like they needed a good meal. Liquorice allsorts on float gear it was then.

Not specifically targeting perch today, I pulled up at the peg I tried out the other night around 12:00 and popped out the float with a steady stream of maggots and casters, using a single small worm as bait. I’d downsized to a size 12 as I wanted to catch the roach and skimmers today, rather than avoid them.

Parking the float around a rodlength out against the lilies I enjoyed intermittent sport all day, along with a few reasonable sized roach, carp and the usual suicidal baby perch.

Around 2.30 it was time for me to transform into ‘Dad’s Taxi’, and, with the wind picking up I replumbed and decided to give it 20 mins close in, sprinkling the last few maggots and bits of crumb over a small break in the lilies not 3ft from the bank. Within seconds the float shot under and an almighty battle ensued thanks to a heavy-set perch erupting from between the pads.

He led me a merry dance out into the lake and back to the lilies, initially snagging himself which resulted in a stalemate for a few minutes. I gently relaxed the line and allowed him some movement, reapplying pressure as I saw the pads part and then literally dragging him free.

With the battle over and the ragged old stager on the bank, the scales decreed 3lb on the nose, clearly still feeding well despite his malformed tail and ripped dorsal. Interestingly, this fish had a very similar deformity of the tail to one I caught some time ago, I wonder if it’s genetic or a coincidence?

A nice was to end the day anyway. I have a low-fishing diet week this week due to kid’s exams and work, so I’ll likely be back at the weekend at the earliest.



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