A few hours in the rain

I resolved to try a peg I’d been eyeing up for a few weeks tonight. Originally I’d planned a short 2hr stint at the lake but, as the fishing was steady and I had some good company, I stayed until the light started to get low.

When I arrived there was just one other angler who, as luck would have it, was sat in my usual peg. No problem, the lake was big enough for both of us and I had other plans in mind.

I settled into a shady spot at the opposite end of the lake on a peg I haven’t fished for at least 12 months. The lilies either side had grown back and the overhanging trees promised sneaky spots for perch to hide in.

Both sets of pads looked promising, but the orientation of the left one allowed for a nicer lie with the quiver, so out that went with a small cage feeder, some red maggot and a bunch of small worms. The float went to my right, again with worm and loose fed maggots.

For the first hour it was slow. An F1 on the first cast was not a sign of things to come and I struggled to get any fish into either swim for at least an hour. As the light started to drop around 6:00pm the action heated up and I began to pull in a steady stream of F1s and small commons, around 20 in total.

At around 7:30pm I got a solid hit on the float and pulled in a decent Perch of smack on 2lb.

Then not 15 minutes later, the quiver wrapped around and I netted a similar stamp Perch from beneath the other pads.

All in all a fun night, and I’ll probably give this peg another try on an early morning in a week or two.

The rain and darkness saw me off at around 8:30pm but I really enjoyed this evening.


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