New Scales

I bought some new scales. Yay! Just a cheap set for now. Hopefully I can pick up some swanky digital scales next month.

I christened them on this lovely, fat 5lb common this afternoon, which gave me quite a fight on light float tackle. Sadly the perch, save one small one, eluded me today. Just a 2 hr and yet again very wet session at the lake this afternoon. Fish seemed to be off the feed again and… lots of eels and small F1s.

The ducklings are growing rapidly, but sadly are now halved in number. They were relentless again today, only moving off 30 mins or so before I packed up and then only because someone else had started to fish.

Tired now, but after a 24hr shift at work, nothing beats a few hours by the water to clear your mind.


One thought on “New Scales

  1. dweezer19 July 10, 2017 / 11:48 pm

    I can imagine so. I don’t fish but I love being near the water.


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